Mursley Village Hall (MVH) has defined policies concerning the following areas and these are listed below. 

  • Data protection and privacy
  • Diversity
  • Health and Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Safeguarding

Policies are reviewed regularly and are always maintained in accordance with legislation or official advice.  If you have any comments, please inform any member of the committee or record your comments in the Repairs and Comments Book, which is in the kitchen.

Data protection and privacy

Information that we request

When making a booking for a regular or one-off event, hirers are required to supply personal information of name, email, address and telephone contact details. 

When booking a one-off event, hirers or anyone acting on their behalf are asked to make a deposit in accordance with the terms and conditions of booking.  Details of the hirer’s bank account are requested, so that the deposit can be returned as soon as possible after the event, provided that all conditions of hire have been met.  Full details are given in the terms and conditions of hire.

We will most likely contact you only in connection with your booking but may also approach you for feedback or marketing purposes.  We may also collect information through social media and public sources such as the electoral roll.

Sharing your information

We may need to share your information with the Police and other law enforcement agencies if required by law or under a court order or if we reasonably believe that a criminal offence has been committed or may be prevented from being committed in the future.

How we store the information

All information is held securely and not divulged to anyone outside MVH without your express permission except in the cases listed above.

You have the right to make a request for details of your personal information and to have any incorrect information amended.

Personal information will normally be deleted after two years from the date of the event or from the last meeting of a regular booking.


All actual and potential users of MVH are treated equally regardless of age, nationality, ethnicity, politics, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, domestic circumstances, trade union activity or other issues.  

Hirers of MVH should ensure that nobody participating in an event receives less favourable treatment for any of the reasons listed above or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot shown to be justifiable.

The MVH committee is aware that not all user groups are currently represented and would like to encourage new members to come forward to add to skills, experience and perspectives.  New committee members can stand for election at the Annual General Meeting or be co-opted on to the committee.  Please contact any member of the committee if you are interested.


MVH is on one floor and there is a ramp leading directly from the designated disabled parking space into the hall.  Access to the main entrance is direct.  There is a fully accessible disabled toilet with shower.

Facilities for parents of young children

There is a baby-changing mat in the disabled toilet.

Health and Safety

Committee’s duties

The MVH committee endeavours to provide a healthy and safe environment for hirers and all other people using the hall, monitoring compliance in relation to relevant legislation through:

  • Regular risk assessments.
  • Ensuring that all hazardous materials are to be kept in the cleaner’s cupboard, which is locked.
  • Monthly checking of electrical and other equipment.
  • Monthly checking and refilling of first aid box.
  • Producing and displaying relevant safety notices.
  • Reviewing reported incidents / accidents and taking action to remove risks.
  • Ensuring that hirers have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the booking.

Hirers’ duties

Hirers should follow the general health and safety instructions listed below and take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and other people who may be affected by their acts or omissions. 

All requirements of the terms and conditions should be followed.

Any potential hazard or dangerous equipment should be removed from access / use immediately and reported in the Incident Book, which is in the kitchen.

All requirements of the terms and conditions agreed with the hiring contract are the responsibility of the hirer for example:

  • ensuring familiarity with fire exits and evacuation procedures.
  • designating a responsible person, who will take charge of evacuation in case of emergency.
  • ensuring that highly flammable substances are not brought into or used in any part of the premises.
  • seeking MVH committee consent before erecting any internal decorations that may contain combustible materials and ensuring that any allowed decorations are not placed near light fittings or heaters.
  • checking that any portable electrical equipment brought on to the premises is safe for use.


Good hygiene practice is essential.

  • Hands must be washed thoroughly before food preparation.
  • All surfaces where food is to be prepared or eaten must first be cleaned thoroughly with an appropriate cleaner.
  • After use, all work surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Any Covid regulations should be followed.


All users of MVH must ensure that vulnerable people are protected from harm.  The vulnerability may relate to age, disability, learning difficulties or other issues.  The responsibility rests with the hirer or group organiser.  Details of sources of help are on the poster on the corridor noticeboard.

If any incidents occur, please notify any member of the MVH committee as soon as possible.

Last updated April 2023